Slowdown Series

Handcrafted ceramic slow-eating pet bowl by Magisso in solid matte colors. It comes personalized with your furkid's name with an array of font design and font colors. 


Logo is not available on this series. 


Suitable for pets that have fast eating habit to aid in feeding.


Outer surface of bowl is easily scratched due to the coating, do take note. 


*TIP* Chill the bowl in the fridge to keep raw meat fresh for a longer time for raw feeders!


Free delivery for purchases over $80

Due to it being hand-made, each and every design of the bowl is different. Customers may experience discrepancies on each design. Minute flaws may be present.


Dimensions (Medium) : 15cm x 6.5cm
Volume (Medium) : 750ml

Dimensions (Large) : 20cm x 8cm
Volume (Large) : 1650ml


Avoid using dishwasher with high heat and direct sunlight.

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Font Color

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